"Marty is a natural mentor for students as much as he is an inspiration for their activism related to gender violence prevention and gender equity concerns.  His ability to use humor to connect and educate students, while also promoting the grueling and often protracted work of change, was apparent in all his interactions here at Duke and in the community.  Whether leading a workshop or informally interacting on campus, Marty skillfully engaged young women and men in dialogue about the ways in which notions of masculinity and femininity affected them, both historically and contemporarily; he politicized their views of the world and urged them to grapple with practical solutions to gender violence on campus and in the world more broadly. Marty brings wit, enthusiasm and an undeniable magnetism that draws people in—this rare quality is perhaps the most compelling reason to do whatever possible to bring him to your campus." 

Ada Gregory, MA - Executive Director, Office of Interdisciplinary Program Management, Duke University

“I've known Marty Liccardo for a number of years and have seen him facilitate powerful, transformative workshops with RAs, orientation leaders, peer mentors, fraternity and sorority leaders, and student affairs professional staff.  His approach to sexual violence prevention and men’s engagement is both effective and cutting-edge, as Marty is able to blend research and best-practice with humor, storytelling, and experiential engagement.  Every time I’ve seen Marty wrap up a workshop, the room is crackling with energy…the participants are learning and growing.  In a time of increased regulatory oversight and deeply troubling behavioral patterns on our campuses, bringing Marty Liccardo to your institution is a smart investment in building your team’s capacity to lead on these issues in the years to come.”

Vijay Pendakur, Ed.D - Dean of Students, Cornell University

"Some years back, I had the pleasure of inviting Marty to give a presentation addressing gender and sexual violence as part of an undergraduate diversity certificate program. It was a remarkable presentation – very engaging and interactive. It also seemed informal enough to be improvised, until one recognized the arc of topics across which he was leading students. Marty is extremely well-informed, and has a wealth of rich and relevant experience to draw from. Humor is a central part of his style, but it is not simply to “entertain.” Rather, he uses humor strategically to reach students who have forms of unexamined privilege that make them most resistant to (and most in need of) challenging perspectives. It lowers their resistance, and opens them up to new perspectives. Marty is great all around, but that is where he works his greatest magic."

Dennis Downey, PhD - Chair of Sociology & Anthropology, Faculty Director of Center for Community Engagement, Professor of Sociology, California State University, Channel Islands

Marty Liccardo is a fantastic presenter/facilitator of group work.  Indeed, he has a special skill for engaging audiences, demonstrates the ability to recognize group dynamics, and maintains a sense of mastery on the subject matter.  I have observed Marty work with a number of tough groups over the last 10 years, including NCAA coaches, mandated workshop attendees, and college men who can be tough to engage.  Throughout these experiences, Marty has shown skill in raising awareness of complex issues and not evoking defensiveness from audience members.  Finally, I have always been impressed with Marty's uncanny ability to make presentations fun and interactive, which can be difficult when you tackle the topics Marty does (sexual violence, racism, sexism, LGBT equality).  For these reasons, I recommend Marty for any presentation and know you will not be disappointed."

Jonathan Ravarino, PhD, LCSW - Director of Psychology and Wellness, University of Utah Athletics